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Ian Kivelin Davis

Lecturer, Ph.D., U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

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Dr. Ian Davis is your assigned Media Studies Faculty Advisor if you are a declared Media Studies major and your last name begins with A – G.

Media Studies Faculty Advisors are the experts in the study of media and can talk with you about your academic, career and graduate school goals. Faculty Advisors make decisions regarding course substitutions for the major, which means you go to them when you want a course reviewed as a substitution for an approved course or are planning to study abroad. If you would like Dr. Davis to review a course for you, submit a Declared Majors Course Substitution Form – Last Name A-G.

Ian Kivelin Davis earned his doctorate from the University of Illinois and joined the faculty at UC Berkeley in 2018. His research and teaching focus on international media, news industries, media history, and critical media analysis.

Dr. Davis researches foreign news organizations and the role of foreign news in North America. Taking a public-interest approach to global media in the United States and Canada, Ian’s work details the relationship between media industries (i.e. Comcast, Disney) and commitments to democratic principles like diversity, pluralism and free expression. Ian’s scholarly work appears in The International Journal of Communication and The Political Economy of Communication as well as scholarly-activist conferences. He has worked with the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, the Association for Canadian Studies in the United States and contributes to the media criticism blog Media in the Middle. Dr. Davis encourages student media activism in the classroom and seeks to foster global media literacy through his teaching and scholarship.

He is an avid runner and has an unhelpful habit of taking apart electronics to see how they work.

Research Interests: International news, media policy and economics, history, advertising, globalization

Courses Taught:
MS 104B: History of Journalism
MS 112: Media Theories and Processes
MS 114: Media and Globalization
MS 170: The Cultural History of Advertising
MS 190: Special Topics, Media and Social Class
MS H194/1955: Honors Thesis Seminar
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