Media Studies

Digital Studies

Digital Studies is an intersection between humanities, social sciences, art, and computer sciences. This area offers courses on a variety of digital, social, and creative media as a means of exploring networked connectivity as the sum of technologies, industries, and user practices. It also examines how various areas of scholarship are reshaped by new technologies, behaviors, and data-driven inquiries.

To fulfill this area of concentration, students must complete an elective from each of the three categories below. Two additional electives may come from any area of concentration.

DS.1 Research Methodologies
Courses in this category focus on collecting, organizing, and analyzing information not replicable through traditional, non-digital means.

  • Art Practice 178: Game Design Methods
  • Computer Science C8: Foundations of Data Science
  • Data Science C8: Foundations of Data Science
  • Demography 180: Social Networks
  • Information C8: Foundations of Data Science
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major 110: An Introduction to Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Media Studies 132: Researching Digital Media: Methods and Methodologies
  • Scandinavian 127: Social Network Analysis and the Icelandic Family Saga
  • Statistics C8: Foundations of Data Science
  • Statistics 20: Introduction to Probability and Statistics


DS.2 Virtual Communities and Social Media
Courses in this category examine social media and/or virtual communities through the regulations, economics, forms, and/or practices associated with them.

  • African American Studies 134/C134: Information Technology and Society
  • American Studies C134: Information Technology and Society
  • Information C167: Virtual Communities/Social Media
  • History 182A: Science, Technology, and Society
  • Information 103: History of Information
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major 100D: Introduction to Technology, Society, and Culture
  • Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major 100J: The Social Life of Computing
  • Journalism 111: Social Media
  • Media Studies 165: Internet and Culture
  • Media Studies 168: Cybernetics and Cybercultures: The Psychosocial Impact of Digital Media
  • Media Studies 190: Historical/Theoretical Approaches to the Social Effects of Electronic Media
  • Media Studies 104E: History and Development of Online News
  • New Media 290: Special Topics in New Media: Queering Digital Cultures
  • Sociology 166: Society and Technology
  • Sociology 167/C167: Virtual Communities/Social Media
  • Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies 118AC: Performance, Television, and Social Media


DS.3 Digital Projects and Digital Storytelling
Courses in this category investigate projects and/or storytelling produced through digital media using techniques specific to digital media disseminated through the internet or other digital formats, and can include critical studies courses and/or production-based courses.

  • Anthropology C136K: Who Owns the Past? Cultural Heritage in a Digital Age
  • Digital Humanities 150A: Digital Humanities and Archival Design
  • Film and Media 155: Media Technologies
  • Journalism 110: Introduction to Multimedia
  • Journalism 115: Advanced Multimedia
  • Journalism 122: The Future of Visual Storytelling
  • Journalism 124: Data Journalism
  • Media Studies 101: Visual Culture
  • Media Studies 138:¬†Ethnographic Film and Documentary Form: History, Ethics and Aesthetics of Reality Based Media
  • Media Studies 190: Special Topics in Media Studies: Video Games and Playful Media
  • New Media 151AC: Transforming Tech
  • New Media C166: Critical Practices: People, Places, Participation
  • New Media 200: History and Theory of New Media
  • New Media 201: Questioning New Media
  • New Media C203: Critical Making
  • New Media 204: Critical Practices: People, Places, Participation
  • New Media 205: Locative Media
  • New Media C262: Tangible User Interfaces
  • New Media C263: Technologies for Creativity and Learning
  • New Media C265: Interface Aesthetics
  • Rhetoric 114: Rhetoric of New Media