Media Studies

Global Cultural Studies

Global Cultural Studies explores how textual, audio, and visual cultures as well as representational practices are produced and circulated within and across local, national, regional, and global social fields. This area examines a broad spectrum of concerns including global communication, postcolonialism, diaspora, consumerism, identity and community, and public cultures.

To fulfill this area of concentration, students must complete an elective from each of the three categories below. Two additional electives may come from any area of concentration.

GCS.1 Research Methodologies
Courses in this category use global cultural studies methodologies designed to be useful in interrogating power relations, ideology, representation, and meaning-making in everyday life.

  • Gender and Women Studies 101: Doing Feminist Research
  • Global Studies 102: Critical Thinking In Global Studies
  • Media Studies 131: Cultural Studies Research Methodology


GCS.2 Visual Culture
Courses in this category consider a visual medium (or visual media in general) through critical theories of visual meaning-making associated with cultural studies.

  • African American Studies 142A: Third World Cinema
  • African American Studies 142AC: Race and American Film
  • African American Studies 144: Introduction to Cultural Studies: Black Visual Culture
  • Anthropology 138A: History and Theory of Ethnographic Film
  • Asian American Studies 171: Asian Americans in Film and Video
  • Chicano Studies 135A: Latino Narrative Film: to the 1980s
  • Chicano Studies 135B: Latino Narrative Film since 1990
  • Chicano Studies 135C: Latino Documentary Film
  • Chinese 172: Contemporary Chinese Language Cinema
  • Chinese 188: Popular Media in Modern China
  • East Asian Languages and Cultures 181: East Asian Film: Special Topics in Genre
  • Education 183: High School, The Movie
  • English 173: The Language and Literature of Films (all topics)
  • Ethnic Studies 122AC: Ethnicity and Race in Contemporary American Films
  • Film and Media 125: Documentary Forms
  • Film and Media 129: History of Avant-Garde Film
  • Film and Media 135: Experimental and Alternative Media Art
  • Film and Media 140 AC: Be/longings: Cinema and the Immigrant Experience in America
  • Film and Media 145: Global Media (all topics)
  • Film and Media 151: Auteur Theory (all topics)
  • Film and Media 160: National Cinema (all topics)
  • Film and Media 170: Special Topics in Film (all topics)
  • Film and Media 171: Special Topics in Film Genre (all topics)
  • Film and Media 172: Special Topics in Film Auteurism (all topics)
  • French 177A: History and Criticism of Film
  • Gender and Women’s Studies 125: Women and Film
  • Gender and Women’s Studies 126: Film, Feminism, and the Avant-Garde
  • Gender and Women’s Studies C146B: Representations of Sexualities: Queer Visual Culture
  • Global Studies 100S: Global Societies and Cultures
  • Italian Studies 170: The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors
  • Italian Studies 175: Film and Literature
  • Japanese 185: Introduction to Japanese Cinema
  • Japanese 188: Japanese Visual Culture: Introduction to Anime
  • Japanese 189: Topics in Japanese Film
  • Korean 185: Picturing Korea
  • Korean 186: Introduction to Korean Cinema
  • Korean 187: History and Memory in Korean Cinema
  • Korean 188: Cold War Culture in Korea: Literature and Film
  • LGBT Studies C146B: Representations of Sexualities: Queer Visual Culture
  • Media Studies 101: Visual Culture
  • Media Studies 138: Ethnographic Film and Documentary Form: History, Ethics and Aesthetics of Reality Based Media
  • Media Studies 190: Reading the Media: Hip hop, K-Pop, and Soap Operas
  • Media Studies 190: The Music Video: Critical Approaches to a Spellbinding Cultural Form
  • Native American Studies 120AC: Photography and the American Indian
  • Native American Studies 158: Native Americans and the Cinema
  • Near Eastern Studies 165: Film and Fiction of Iran
  • Rhetoric 130: Novel into Film
  • Rhetoric 131T: Genre in Film and Literature
  • Rhetoric 132T: Auteur in Film
  • Rhetoric 136: Art and Authorship
  • Rhetoric 137: Rhetoric of Image
  • Rhetoric 138: Television Criticism
  • Rhetoric 139: Rhetoric of Visual Witnessing
  • Rhetoric 145: Science, Narrative, and Image
  • Scandinavian 115: Studies in Drama and Film: The Films of Ingmar Bergman
  • South and Southeast Asian Studies 140N: Cinematic Asians: Genre, Gender and Community
  • Theater, Dance and Performance Studies 118AC: Performance, Television, and Social Media
  • Theater, Dance and Performance Studies 151A: Histories of Performance: Performance and Community


GCS.3 Popular Culture
Courses in this category examine the study of media in the context of politics, culture, class, race, gender, diaspora, and/or postcolonialism at the global, national, and/or local levels as they relate to meaning and interpretation, identity and imagined community, and/or practices of everyday life.

  • American Studies 101/101AC: Examining US Cultures in Time (all topics)
  • American Studies 102/102AC: Examining US Cultures in Place (all topics)
  • Anthropology 156B: Culture and Power
  • Architecture 179: Americans on the Road
  • Architecture 179: Design Radicals: Spaces of Bay Area Counterculture
  • Asian American Studies 132/132AC: Islamophobia and Constructing Otherness
  • Asian American Studies 138: Topics in Asian Popular Culture (all topics)
  • Asian American Studies 178: Gender and Sexuality in Asian American Literature and Culture
  • English 174: The Seventies
  • English 176: Literature and Popular Culture
  • Gender and Women’s Studies C146A: Cultural Representations of Sexualities: Queer Literary Culture
  • Geography C152: Multicultural Europe
  • History 122AC: Antebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society
  • Japanese 178:The Politics of Japanese Culture from the Bubble to the Present
  • Korean 109: Korean Language in Popular Media
  • Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender studies: C146A: Cultural Representations of Sexualities: Queer Literary Culture
  • Media Studies 170: Cultural History of Advertising
  • Media Studies 175: Gender, Race and National Identity in Global Popular Culture
  • Media Studies 190: Beauty, Fashion, and Media Globalization
  • Media Studies 190: The Ad: A Global History
  • Media Studies 190: News, Representation and Socioeconomic Class in America
  • Psychology 166AC: Cultural Psychology
  • Rhetoric 171: The Problem of Mass Culture and the Rhetoric of Social Theory
  • Sociology 160: Sociology of Culture
  • Sociology 163: Popular Culture
  • South and Southeast Asian Studies 167: Contemporary Popular Cultures of the Philippines